Cybersecurity Best Practices for E-Commerce Websites

As e-commerce continues to thrive and grow its share of the market in daily global trade, cybersecurity measures used to protect online businesses have also increased in importance. The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 inevitably resulted in the migration of many business processes to the cloud and adoption of technologies and IT solutions such as telecommuting, online meeting platforms, and e-commerce, among others. This digital transformation, while it facilitated an increase in convenience and efficiency, also brought along with it some novel risks. During the ‘new normal’, cybersecurity solutions companies have monitored an increase in cyberattacks, both in frequency and complexity. As part of our commitment to making technology work for everyone, our cybersecurity solutions expert will discuss essential cybersecurity best practices to keep your e-commerce website and customers protected from cybersecurity attacks and digital fraud.

Cybersecurity Measures for E-Commerce Websites

Below are some easy to implement yet effective cybersecurity tips from our IT solutions expert that you can utilize for your e-commerce website.

Implement Strong Authentication

One of the foundations of a sound cybersecurity measure for your business is the implementation of strong authentication protocols. Owners and staff should be able to generate and elect strong passwords and should have a basic understanding of password protection, which includes training on recognizing phishing attacks and having an incident response plan in case of a breach. Enabling multi-factor authentication for your business accounts also provides an additional layer of security should fraudsters gain access to your passwords.

Regularly Update and Patch Software

Keeping your e-commerce website’s software and cybersecurity solutions up to date is crucial. Regularly update your content management system, plugins, and other software components to address any vulnerabilities. Timely patching is a good cybersecurity measure that ensures that potential entry points for cyberattacks are mitigated.

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Invest in Secure Payment Gateways

Secure payment gateways with built-in adequate cybersecurity measures are essential for protecting your customer’s financial data during transactions. You should partner with reputable payment providers that offer robust encryption and comply with industry security standards. Implementing secure payment gateways instills trust in customers, making them more likely to complete transactions on your website.

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Educate Employees about Phishing

Phishing attacks remain a significant threat to e-commerce websites. Educate your employees about phishing and provide training on identifying phishing attacks in the form of suspicious emails, links, and spoofed sites. They should also be taught about the typical social engineering techniques employed by hackers when perpetuating a digital fraud. By fostering a vigilant and security-conscious workforce, you can prevent potential breaches resulting from phishing attempts.

Partner with a Reliable Cybersecurity Solutions Company

Working with a reputable cybersecurity solutions company such as BHT Solutions can enhance your e-commerce website’s cybersecurity. With over 46 years of combined experience in the field of cybersecurity, we have worked in multiple industries to provide our clients cost-effective, tailor-fit, and easy to use IT solutions that they have integrated in their businesses. Work with the experience you can trust. Call us now and make technology work for you.