Best Cybersecurity Practices to Protect Your Company and Customer Data

Business and other organizations operating in this highly technological era are highly dependent on cybersecurity solutions and implementing rigorous cybersecurity measures to protect their assets and their customer data. Cybersecurity is the protection of systems connected to the internet from cyberattacks. These cyberattacks include DOS or DDOS where a system’s resources are overloaded by flooding it with an excessively high number of requests until it shuts down. Phishing is also a common type of attack where fraudsters gain sensitive data from unwary users by posing as legitimate entities using social engineering techniques. In this article, our IT solutions will be giving out some cybersecurity tips to help you protect your company’s assets as well as your customers’ data.

Cybersecurity Solutions Checklist to Keep Your Company Safe

Below is a list of cybersecurity measures that you should always keep in check. Making sure these cybersecurity solutions are up and running will drastically improve your company’s resistance to cybersecurity attacks

Implement a Strong Password Policy

There are multiple instructions found that can help users generate strong passwords. However, part of this policy is teaching users discipline when it comes to password safekeeping protocols such as not writing them in a piece of paper or in a document saved in your computer (use a password keeper) or using different passwords for different types of accounts (limits exposure in case of a breach), among others.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

If possible, all accounts containing sensitive data should utilize multi-factor authentication. This provides an additional layer of protection should unauthorized persons gain access to your password.

Train Employees on Cybersecurity

Even the most advanced of fraud detection systems cannot prevent cyberattacks if the users are susceptible to social engineering techniques. Social engineering is the use of psychological manipulation techniques to influence or deceive individuals into performing actions—in this case, divulging confidential information—they would not normally do. At a minimum, your employees should be able to recognize phishing attacks as well as spoofed sites.

Regularly Update and Patch Software

Cybersecurity solutions proponents and fraudsters are constantly engaged in a game of cat and mouse where the perpetrator of cyberattacks test the cybersecurity measures in place to find and exploit a vulnerability. Should a vulnerability present itself, new cybersecurity measures are developed and implemented to address it. This is why you should regularly update and patch your software.

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

Access control is also a good way to guarantee your company’s cybersecurity is intact. Access to sensitive information should only be given to employees who need it to perform their job. These employees should be able to exhibit a deep understanding of cybersecurity protocols

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Encryption is used to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest. This adds a layer of protection should the data be stolen or intercepted, it cannot be utilized without the encryption key.

Have an Incident Response Plan

Security breaches, despite ironclad cybersecurity protocols, do take place. Having a plan in place to respond to a security incident is paramount to limit the damage it can cause. A well-thought incident response plan identifies steps to contain the breach, a way to timely notify affected parties, and restoring normal operations as quickly as possible.

Keep Your Company and Customers Safe with Your Trusted Cybersecurity Solutions Expert

The items mentioned above are just some of the cybersecurity solutions you can implement to keep your company and customers safe from cyberattacks. Our IT solutions expert provided just a quick discussion to spread awareness but these items in itself can be quite complex, especially if your specific business needs calls for it. When it comes to keeping your cybersecurity measures up to date, you should work with BHT Solutions. BHT Solutions makes technology work for you by providing bespoke IT solutions across multiple solutions. Solve your IT dilemmas efficiently and effectively with BHT Solutions.

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