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Cloud Strategy Development and Planning

Creating and planning a cloud migration roadmap based on business objectives and goals.

Design and Deployment of Cloud Infrastructure

Compliance & maintenance services help organizations meet standards, stay updated, prevent downtime, and mitigate risks.

Migration and Integration of Cloud Applications

Moving existing applications to the cloud and integrating them with other systems.

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Cloud Security and Compliance Services

Ensuring the security and compliance of cloud-based systems and applications.

Cloud Cost Optimization and Management

Optimizing cloud costs through usage analysis and cost-cutting measures

Cloud Monitoring and Support Services

Monitoring and support services for cloud-based systems and applications to ensure high availability and performance.

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The cloud has become an integral part of today's digital landscape, enabling us to access our files from anywhere, at any time. As more companies opt to rely on the cloud, finding a reliable partner like BHT Solutions has become essential for a smooth transition.

Although migrating to the cloud may seem daunting for companies accustomed to traditional data management, it doesn't have to be. With BHT Solutions, you can trust us to manage and maximize your cloud platform's value, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our comprehensive cloud migration framework combines industrialized capabilities with pre-configured, industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models and multiple delivery methods. Our approach includes several stages, including cloud migration discovery and analysis, cloud migration strategy, cloud migration planning, and cloud migration execution.

We work with you to determine which approach works best for your organization, whether it's public, private, or hybrid. Our cloud migration consulting services take a customer-centric approach, utilizing pre-set templates and data analytics applications to ensure migrations occur smoothly, effectively, and systematically without any negative business impact.

From developing your overall cloud strategy and initial migration analysis to production cut overs and ongoing support, our dedicated cloud architecture team will walk you through the entire cloud migration lifecycle.

Our experts understand the advantages and disadvantages of each cloud approach and will assist you in evaluating and selecting the best architecture and products to meet your specific business requirements.


BHT Solutions is dedicated to making cloud migration a smooth process that enables your company to thrive in the digital age.

What is the process of cloud migration?

Cloud migration can happen in a variety of ways.
The most straightforward approach is to lift and shift all resources and IT assets to the cloud.

However, most assets will need to be tailored, refactored, reorganised, or re-architected to best leverage the cloud platform.

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