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AI Strategy Development and Planning

Automating the software development process to improve release speed and quality.

AI Algorithm Design and Development

Creating and implementing specialized AI algorithms to address specific business issues.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

The development and integration of NLP services into applications to allow for natural language interactions.

BHT AI Services

Computer Vision Services

Creating and integrating computer vision services into apps to enable image and video analysis.

AI Integration and Deployment Services

Integrating and deploying AI models into existing systems.

AI Model Management and Maintenance Services

AI model management and maintenance to assure correctness and performance.

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Every business has a distinct workflow that works for their team. If not, there is room for improvement.

Artificial intelligence is the great option for accomplishing this in a way that integrates seamlessly with your team. BHT Solutions' AI services can assist you in driving smart advancements in your workflows, technology, and overall organisation.

Our industry-leading experts help you implement a data-first strategy, supplement with third-party sources, and operationalize and accelerate AI integration across your organisation to generate positive business growth.

BHT Solutions AI services are built on solid mathematical and statistical foundations, as well as cutting-edge techniques such as deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

BHT AI Solutions team can assist you in leveraging the most recent AI tools and concepts in order to design and implement practical applications that provide real business value.

Creating AI Services Using Industry-Leading Technologies

Because the palette of possibilities presented by AI to the global business scenario is so diverse and vast, it is critical that you be versatile with AI implementations in your business; and this is where BHT Solutions comes in.
Join forces to learn about and adapt to the most recent AI trends.

AI Services Can Transform Your Business Operations

The enthusiasm among businesses for leveraging AI to transform business processes and reinvent how they operate is palpable.
Our artificial intelligence experts can analyse your project, build the framework, implement, and deploy Artificial Intelligence services.

Enhanced Productivity

Creating a portfolio of reusable assets boosts data science and developer productivity exponentially.

Enhanced Growth

Scaling analytics, collaborative experimentation, and co-creation with data scientists open up new avenues.

Employee Satisfaction Has Increased

Data scientists can now concentrate on model development rather than model maintenance or data wrangling.

Deployment Time is Reduced

Models get to production faster, delivering on the promised business value.

Lower Production Support Costs

Outsourcing AI and machine learning model management and support increases efficiency.

Adoption Increased + Risk Reduction

Trustworthy AI reduces the risk of misusing models that could harm humans, resulting in user adoption and business value from AI.

When is my business ready to use AI?

If your business organisation has prior experience with Big Data technologies and data integration, you most likely already have the foundational pieces required to sustain AI.

If not, the path to implementing AI must begin with developing a system for collecting all relevant data and assembling it in an appropriate processing environment, which BHT can assist with.

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