Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation with M365 Copilot

In today’s digital world, keeping our information safe is super important. Sometimes, though, the people we trust the most – our own team members – can accidentally or purposefully put our data at risk. That’s where M365 Copilot comes in to help. Let’s talk about how it helps us catch and stop insider threats.

What are Insider Threats?

First things first, what are insider threats? These are situations where someone within our organization – like an employee, contractor, or even a partner – might misuse their access to our systems or data. It could be because they made a mistake, or it could be on purpose, like stealing information.

How M365 Copilot Helps

M365 Copilot is like a superhero for our data. It has special tools to keep an eye on what’s happening in our digital world and spot anything suspicious. Here’s how it works:

1. Spotting Strange Behavior

M365 Copilot keeps track of how people in our organization usually use our systems and data. If someone suddenly starts doing things they don’t normally do – like trying to access files they shouldn’t or sending lots of emails with sensitive information – M365 Copilot raises a red flag.

2. Watching for Unusual Access

Sometimes, people might try to access parts of our systems or data that they don’t usually need to do their job. M365 Copilot keeps an eye on this too. If it sees someone trying to get into places they shouldn’t, it alerts us so we can investigate further.

3. Protecting Sensitive Information

M365 Copilot helps us keep our most important information safe. If someone tries to share sensitive files outside of our organization, M365 Copilot can stop them in their tracks or give us a heads up so we can take action.

Why It’s Important

Protecting our data from insider threats is super important for a few reasons:

  • Keeping Trust: Our customers and partners trust us to keep their information safe. If we have a breach because of an insider threat, it can damage that trust.
  • Legal Stuff: Depending on where we operate, we might have laws or regulations that require us to protect certain types of information. M365 Copilot helps us stay compliant.
  • Business Continuity: A big data breach caused by an insider threat could seriously disrupt our business operations. M365 Copilot helps us avoid that.

M365 Copilot is like having a digital guardian angel watching over our data, keeping it safe from insider threats. By spotting strange behavior, watching for unusual access, and protecting sensitive information, M365 Copilot helps us stay one step ahead and keep our data where it belongs – safe and secure.

Ready to protect your organization’s data from insider threats with M365 Copilot?
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