Businessman uses two-factor authentication for improved cybersecurity.

The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication for Cybersecurity

Our increasing independence on IT solutions to facilitate our daily processes, especially post COVID-19, brought along with it an unprecedented number of cybersecurity attacks. Various cybersecurity solutions experts have noted the pronounced increase in cyberattacks, both in frequency and complexity, in recent years. With this development in mind, traditional passwords alone are no longer sufficient cybersecurity measures to guarantee a robust cybersecurity framework. In this article, our IT solutions experts will discuss the significance of two-factor authentication and how it can fortify your existing IT solutions and safeguard your company against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Solutions Experts Defines Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that requires users to provide two separate forms of identification or evidence to gain access to their accounts or systems. Typically, this involves combining something the user knows (traditional password) with something they possess (such as a unique verification code generated by a mobile app or received via SMS or a physical object such as a security token). Other types of evidence or factors include Biometrics (facial recognition, fingerprint, voice recognition, iris scan) and Location-Based (GPS, Intranet connection).

Two-Factor Authentication as a Cybersecurity Measure

Two-factor authentication significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access in case your passwords are compromised. By adding an extra layer of cybersecurity, two-factor authentication has become an indispensable IT solution tool for individuals and businesses alike. Two-Factor Authentication affords your business the following benefits.

Protection from Password-Based Attacks

Brute-force attacks, phishing, and password guessing, are amongst the most common password-based attacks. Hackers employ sophisticated techniques to crack weak passwords during brute-force attacks and password guessing. In phishing, hackers employ social engineering techniques to trick your employees to provide their login credentials. Two-factor authentication acts as a deterrent against such attacks by requiring an additional authentication factor, making it harder for hackers to gain access to your sensitive information.


One paradox about passwords is that they should be complex enough to resist brute-force attacks yet simple enough that it can be easily recalled by the user. Working with one password is doable, but keeping track of different passwords for different accounts—a recommended cybersecurity practice—can prove quite challenging. Aside from the benefit of increased security, two-factor authentication also provides alternative options for users to log in without having to remember or enter their password manually. Users can access their account using biometrics (typically a thumbprint) combined with a one-time pin sent to their nominated phone number.

Access Monitoring

Two-Factor Authentication as a cybersecurity solution also provides additional security in the form of multiple device access monitoring and network access limiting. This means that you can limit which computers, mobile phones, locations, or networks can access your accounts. If the parameters you have specified are not met at the time of login, a two-factor authentication event will be triggered and you will know that someone else is trying to access your account in real-time.

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Two-factor authentication is a cybersecurity measure that is easy to implement, often free, yet significantly improves the cybersecurity of your computers, phones, and systems. It is an IT solution that many people may have heard of but are not utilizing to its fullest. Here at BHT Solutions, we believe in making technology work for everyone. IT solutions need not be expensive nor complicated for them to be effective. If you are looking for cost-effective, personalized, and easy to use solutions, come to BHT Solutions. Call us now and let us transform your workflow.