Houston cybersecurity solutions facilitate the cloud migration of businesses

Understanding Cloud Migration for Businesses

Cloud migration is the process of moving data storage, processes, computing, and all other business functions crucial to the functioning of an organization from a physical infrastructure to a cloud computing environment. The COVID pandemic of 2019 may very well be the greatest recent impetus that convinced businesses to look into remote working arrangements and cloud computing. Because this shift is facilitated by and made possible through a system of online IT solutions, ensuring that an organization’s cloud computing system is secure through tailor-fit Houston cybersecurity solutions is a necessity. In this article, our corporate cybersecurity shall discuss how businesses are migrating to cloud computing and its implications on the importance of cybersecurity solutions.

Houston Cybersecurity Solutions and Cloud Computing

Understanding cloud computing from an IT solutions perspective is necessary for us to fully grasp cloud migration. The term cloud simply refers to data and processes that you can access from anywhere. Examples of these are word processing documents accessible through the internet such as google documents or Microsoft word files shared through email. Another example of cloud computing functions that we have also started to adopt as Houston cybersecurity solutions are online payment schemes and online money transfer such as PayPal and your bank's online money transfer functions. For contrast, the non-cloud or ‘on-premises’ counterparts of the functions we have discussed above are physical documents (e.g. memos, printed documents) and in-person payment systems (e.g. over-the-counter bank deposits, physical money transfer services, bank checks).

Houston Cybersecurity Solutions: What Is Cloud Migration?

The functions we have discussed above are just some of the processes utilizing cloud computing that individuals use in their daily lives. In the case of businesses or large organizations, other computing functions they utilize may include increased data storage or computer processing. There are businesses that operate by generating vast amounts of data that require additional storage and considerable computing power. These organizations usually set up a physical in-house computer server system. In order to access these data storage and computing power, one has to physically connect to the computer server system. Therefore, cloud migration is simply moving these processes from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Houston Cybersecurity Solutions Is Now More Important Than Ever

When business processes are migrated to the cloud, a sound corporate cybersecurity regime that is in place becomes a necessity. In this regard, BHT Solutions can help you transform your workflow by providing user-centric IT solutions that can facilitate your shift to cloud computing. They take the time to understand what you need to achieve your business goals in order to come up with Houston cybersecurity solutions that are user-centric, easy to use, and tailor-fit to your business’ needs. Call us now to avail of our free, non-committal, 1-hour consultation.

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