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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Security Solutions for Businesses

Cloud-based security solutions are cybersecurity measures that are hosted in the cloud, rather than on-premises. These cybersecurity solutions provide capabilities such as threat detection, data protection, and access control, among others, and are all accessible via the internet. In this article, our IT solutions expert will discuss what cloud-based security solutions are and how it can benefit your business.

Cybersecurity Measures That Exist Online

Cloud-based security solutions are just cybersecurity measures (applications, protocols, technologies, among others) that exist online as opposed to traditional IT solutions that are installed on physical computers in a network or also referred to as on-premises. As with traditional cybersecurity solutions, cloud-based security solutions such as M365 are designed to protect your business from different cyberattacks and are used to secure applications, data, infrastructure, and other on-premises resources.

There are many different types of cloud-based security solutions that are designed to address specific different aspects of cybersecurity. Below are just some of the examples and their functions.

Cloud-Based Firewalls

A Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization’s security policies. These are designed to provide network security by assessing and regulating traffic to and from cloud resources. Firewalls are especially effective in preventing trojan attacks and keyloggers but are susceptible to other malwares disguised in the form of trusted data.

Cloud-Based Identity and Access Management

Identity Access Management is a framework of business processes, policies, and technologies that controls permissions and access for users to critical information within your organization. This is where password protections systems, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management fall under.

Cloud-Based Data Encryption

Cloud encryption is a data security process in which plaintext readable data is encoded into unreadable ciphertext to help keep data secure while it is in transit or at rest.

Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a cybersecurity solution that leverages machine learning and other techniques to analyze and detect threats in real-time, providing early warning and response to security incidents as they take place.

M365, a Cloud-Based Suite of Applications with Built-In Cybersecurity Measures

M365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity and collaboration applications and services offered by Microsoft. It includes several built-in cybersecurity solutions that help organizations protect their data and systems such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure Active Directory, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Best-In-Class Data Encryption. You can learn more about the cybersecurity measures within Microsoft 365 in this article.

Avail of Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Solutions from Your Trusted IT Solutions Experts

Cloud-based cybersecurity measures afford your business the following benefits:

  • Scalable – designed to be easy to scale and can easily accommodate changes in size and complexity of your business
  • Cost-Effective – more cost-effective than traditional on-premises solutions as it doesn’t require the procurement of additional hardware
  • Ease of Use – majority of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions such as M365 are designed to be easy to use and manage
  • Easy to Update – by its nature of existing on the cloud, these cybersecurity solutions are easier to update than their on-premised counterparts.

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