Different elements contributing to a comprehensive Houston cybersecurity system.

Office 365 as a Cybersecurity Measure

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based online version of the Microsoft Office software suite. Subscription to this versus grants access to various applications used for computing such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as other cloud-sharing platforms such as OneDrive and SharePoint. Office 365 allows its users to access and edit documents from anywhere. Here at BHT Solutions, we believe in making technology work for you and letting it transform your workflow for the better. In this article, our cybersecurity solutions expert shall discuss the cybersecurity measures integrated into Office 365 and provide tips on how to make the most out of these IT solutions.

Office 365 Cybersecurity Protections That Are in Place

The most common type of attacks that cybersecurity measures and IT solutions aim to counter are Phishing and Identity Theft. Phishing attacks aim to obtain sensitive information such as passwords, credit card and banking details, PIN numbers, and OTP (one-time PIN) numbers from unsuspicious individuals by posing as legitimate entities.

In order to prevent these attacks, Office 365 has implemented the following IT solutions to bolster other cybersecurity measures that are already in place.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – MFA provides an additional layer of protection by requiring other evidence (factors) in order to gain access to an application or website. The goal of an MFA is to provide an additional check in case the password is compromised.
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) – Azure AD simplifies logging in by implementing single sign-on for its user without compromising security by requiring MFA and the use of strong passwords. Azure AD detects and blocks known weak passwords.
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – ATP—which was renamed to Microsoft Defender 365 in September 2022—employs machine-learning to detect and block emails likely to contain malicious attachments and links usually used for phishing attacks.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - DLP scans messages, files, and other documents and identifies and protects sensitive information. Users can easily configure the policies that will apply to these identified sensitive information as to what can and cannot be done with the said data. The most common types of sensitive information screened by DLP are credit card numbers, insurance numbers, social security numbers, and other personally-identifiable information.
  • Best-in-class Data Encryption – Data transmitted from clients to the cloud via OneDrive and SharePoint employs best-in-class encryption, ensuring that your data is protected as they are routed through their data centers.

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The cybersecurity solutions mentioned above are just some of the features Office 365 has integrated to prevent cybersecurity attacks. Should you wish to make the shift then BHT Solutions is at your service. We recognize that our industry is one that is built on trust and as such we have cultivated that trust through our commitment to excellence, employing user-centric designs that are easy to use, and unparalleled communication and experienced support. Give us a call for your free consultation.

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