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How to Keep Your Online Accounts Secure

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise alongside our increasing dependence on computing technology to facilitate our daily lives. While these cyberattacks have been increasing in frequency and complexity such as phishing and identity theft, there are Houston cybersecurity solutions that we can easily implement to keep our online accounts safe. In this article, our IT solutions expert will discuss two methods you can easily implement as well as breakdown and analyze a common phishing attack. This is part of our commitment as a company to make technology work for you by making you less susceptible to cybersecurity attacks.

Houston Cybersecurity Solution: Use Multiple Unique Passwords

Aside from ensuring that your passwords are strong, another layer of protection can be added by using multiple unique passwords for different online accounts. This approach limits the exposure of your online accounts should hackers, possibly through a phishing attempt, obtain an username and password pairing from one of your accounts. There are several dependable Houston cybersecurity solution applications such as password managers that are free to use that will store all your unique passwords should you decide to go implement this approach.

Another compromise, which is easier to implement is to use a tiered-password system where accounts of roughly the same level of security sensitivity have the same password. For example, social media accounts and secondary emails have the same password while business email accounts and primary personal emails have a separate distinct password. By the same virtue, all banking and money-related online accounts should also have a different password.

Houston Cybersecurity Solution: Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Know How to Use Them Properly

This entry highlights how people should treat their One-Time Passwords (OTPs), one of the most frequently-used MFA. Users should treat their OTPs the same way they safeguard their passwords. If an OTP was sent to your phone without your initiation, then your account is probably under attack.

Another common phishing scam facilitated by social engineering is when a hacker calls you and pretends to be a representative from your bank and claims that someone is currently attempting to access your online bank account. They will then claim that they need to verify your identity and in order to do that they will send an OTP to the number registered in their records (what’s really happening is that they obtained your username and password combination but were trumped by your OTP.) The phishing attack is completed when you provide them your OTP. Our Houston cyber security solutions expert suggests watching out for this type of phishing attacks as well as its variations. 

In this scenario, we need to keep in mind the following things:

  • Bank representatives will NEVER ask for your password or OTP in a call or even in a face-to-face transaction.
  • If there is a suspected security breach, the priority is to freeze the account and undergo a stringent reactivation process. The hassle of doing a reactivation is a pain point that hackers usually utilize to pressure you into providing your OTP.
  • Do not panic. If your gut tells you that something is not normal with the interaction you can always drop the call and dial your bank’s customer service hotline.

If you want to learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication as an effective Houston cybersecurity solution, we have an in-depth discussion of it in this FAQ.

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We have to remember that in all cyberattack attempts, the user is also a failure point that hackers can exploit. That is why some phishing attempts are crude but effective because of the social engineering techniques they are employing. The only way we can keep these attacks in check is by educating ourselves and our employees. Here in BHT Solutions, this is part of our commitment to making a positive impact for others in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Should you need help with your IT solutions, look no further than BHT Solutions. We are here to solve your IT dilemmas with IT solutions that are user-centric and easy to use. Call us now and schedule your free 1-hour consultation.

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