Implementing easy Houston Cybersecurity Solutions

Easy Ways to Protect Your Company from a Cyber Attack

It cannot be denied that cost-effective, personalized, and easy to use IT Solutions are a game changer for any business operation. It allows their organization to communicate seamlessly as well as facilitate other functions to make their operations more efficient. However, our increasing dependence on computers, especially in this new normal, led to an increase in cyber-attacks. As part of our commitment to provide extra value to our clients, our Houston cybersecurity solutions experts will discuss measures that you can implement easily to protect your company from cyber-attacks such as phishing.

Educating Your Employees is a Crucial Houston Cybersecurity Solution

Majority of cyber-attacks involve social engineering or the collection of techniques used by fraudsters to induce a victim to act in a certain way (e.g. give out their password, grant remote access). There is a whole gamut of social engineering techniques employed by fraudsters and they are ever-adapting, however you can protect your company by teaching your employees to recognize the signs of a cyber-attack. Teach them to be more vigilant and skeptic so they don’t fall prey to phishing attacks (LINK 1). Facilitate communication between your employees and your corporate cybersecurity manager so that your employees can easily consult them when they recognize an attack.

Utilize Houston Cybersecurity Solutions that Allow for Multi-Factor Authentication

Human error is not something we can always prevent. It may be that your employee is in a rush, stressed, distracted, or even hungry, when he or she clicked on that spoof website (LINK 2) and got phished. This is where a Houston cybersecurity solution such as Multi-Factor Authentication can come in handy. Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security by requiring an extra factor to be authenticated before anyone can gain access to the system. Popular types of multi-factor authentication are one-time pins (OTPs) via phone, biometrics (eye, face, thumb), and physical objects (keys, security tokens, atm card).

Prepare a Houston Cybersecurity Solution Plan in Case of a Breach

Prevention is always better than cure but there should also be a corporate cybersecurity contingency plan to minimize damage in case of a breach. There should be a protocol for a breach on an email, social media account, stolen phone, stolen cards, etcetera. This might be tedious but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Make Sure Your Company is Protected by Consulting a Houston Cybersecurity Solutions Company You Can Trust

The Houston cybersecurity solutions our experts have discussed above are just some practical measures you can easily implement for a degree of protection. For a personalized corporate cybersecurity solution, you can consult BHT Solutions. BHT Solutions believes in making technology work for you but in order to make that happen you should have IT solutions that are designed according to the unique needs of your business. BHT Solutions offers IT solutions that are cost-effective, personalized, and most of all easy to use. Call us now to schedule your free 1-hour consultation.

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