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Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which has been celebrated annually following a declaration from both the US President and Congress in 2004. It is celebrated as a continuing call for individuals to increase awareness on online cyberattacks and other related threats and to familiarize themselves with Houston cybersecurity solutions that can be easily implemented to prevent them. In BHT Solutions, we believe in individuals harnessing the power of technology and making it work for them. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals prey on the unsuspecting by propagating corporate cybersecurity attacks such as phishing and identity theft. In this article, our IT Solutions expert shall discuss additional Houston Cybersecurity solutions that will help further protect individuals from said attack.

Houston Cybersecurity Solutions: One-Time Pins (OTPs) Centralizes Security in Your Phone

In our previous articles, we have discussed what makes a password strong, and how multi-factor authentication (e.g. OTPs) as a Houston cybersecurity solution adds another layer of security to your online accounts. However, the problem with this is the tendency of your security checks to become centralized in one gadget (i.e. your smartphone). What if your phone gets stolen? PINs and pattern security checks in mass-produced phones are relatively easy to break into. 

Imagine this scenario. Someone gets a hold of your phone and is able to access its applications. They can easily change the password of your Facebook account because they can initiate a password recovery tied to your primary email account, which they also have access to through your phone. Now you are locked out of your Facebook account.

This next step may be quite convoluted but bear with us. Through your primary email, they can check which secondary email it is paired with. With the knowledge of your secondary email account, they can initiate another password recovery (this time for your secondary email) that will get sent to your primary email. Now that they can access your secondary email, they can now change the password of your primary email. After changing the passwords of your Facebook, primary and secondary emails, they can then change the emails associated with all of these accounts which blocks you from ever recovering them, ALMOST.

Just because they had access to your phone, without ever learning your passwords, they were able to change the passwords of your most important accounts. But all is not lost if only you were able to generate Recovery or Backup Codes. Recovery or Backup Codes are simple yet ingenious IT solutions that most users are not even aware of and even less are utilizing. 

Houston Cybersecurity Solutions: Recovery or Backup Codes Are Great Multi-Factor Authentication Augmentations

Recovery or Backup Codes are another form of multi-factor authentication. They are a one-time use, non-expiring randomly generated string that users can use to log on to their accounts. They were first conceptualized as alternative multi-factor authentication options to OTPs to allow users to gain access to their accounts even if they currently don’t have access to their phones.

But in the scenario mentioned above, it is the last recourse for individuals in case of a total security breach. Login Recovery or Backup Codes can be used to initiate an account recovery process. It will take less than 5 minutes to generate a set of Recovery or Backup Codes but they are a handy Houston cybersecurity solution tool that you can utilize at no extra cost.

You Need a Houston Cybersecurity Solution Company That Can Guide You in the Ever-Changing Domain of Cybersecurity

Corporate Cybersecurity has always been a game of cat and mouse between Houston Cybersecurity solutions companies and digital fraudsters. We have seen how adaptation of multi-factor authentication and the proliferation of smartphones have opened another weak spot that hackers can exploit. However, a simple yet effective IT Solution in the form of Recovery Codes can easily trump them.

Cybersecurity attacks should not hinder individuals from utilizing technology. We believe that unequal access to technology is a far greater injustice because technology is the great equalizer. Access to the internet allows smaller businesses to compete. In BHT Solutions, it is our commitment to utilize IT solutions to solve problems across all industries. If you are ready to employ technology to transform your workflow, BHT Solutions can solve your IT dilemmas efficiently and effectively. Call us now to avail of your free 1 hour consultation.

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