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Assess Your Current Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity is the protection of systems connected to the internet such as hardware, software, and its users from cyberattacks. Cyberattacks include DOS or DDOS (denial of service or distributed denial of service) that aims to bring down a system by overloading its resources with a high number of bogus requests, which prevents the system from processing the legitimate requests. Another type of cyberattack is phishing: gaining sensitive data from users by posing as legitimate entities using social engineering techniques. These attacks can be prevented by a sound cybersecurity strategy that is put into place by an experienced cybersecurity company with multiple satisfied clients across the country, such as BHT solutions. In this article, our IT company experts will discuss how a Cybersecurity Assessment helps in ensuring that your systems are fully protected.

Is Cybersecurity Assessment Necessary?

When it comes to cybersecurity solutions, one size does not fit all. A cybersecurity assessment conducted by a competent cybersecurity company ensures that the strategy created is appropriate. The cybersecurity strategy in place for an IT company would vary extremely from that of a retail company. It would be reasonable to infer that an IT company’s cybersecurity solutions would focus more on its hardware and software—ensuring their assets are not vulnerable to attack, while a retail company’s strategy would focus more on its users (employees)—more in the vein of recognizing phishing attacks and adherence to password management best practices.

Is Cybersecurity Assessment Worth It?

As discussed above, it is only prudent that a Cybersecurity Assessment be conducted first not just to evaluate the effectiveness of the current security setup but also to discuss with the owners their specific needs based on their operations. This arrangement, while guaranteeing that the client ends up with a personalized IT solution, also allows for flexibility and ensures that the cybersecurity solutions implemented are within the client’s budget.

Do You Have the Appropriate Cybersecurity Solutions Infrastructure in Place?

Is your cybersecurity system up to date? Are there aspects of it that you want to improve on? Need help in assessing which parts of your current security setup are performing and which are not? Our company, BHT Solutions is an IT solutions company operating out of Houston that can work with any company all over the country to maintain their cybersecurity strategy. Call us now and schedule your Cybersecurity Assessment so that we can integrate cybersecurity solutions into your business strategy that are responsive to your needs.

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